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Wallpaper change with deco foil

In one year there are four different seasons, but the decorations often do not fit to each season, by a deco foil the decoration in the four walls can be adapted very easily.

Deco foil - What is it?

With a decorative film you can beautify walls, furniture or windows. You can upgrade them and give them a new look. It doesn't matter if it's a kitchen front, the old chest of drawers or the steps. Our films stick to almost all surfaces and look really chic.

Decorative films are printed films with a design of your choice or a prefabricated design from us. In addition, you can find in our shop films which already have a shape, such as dog paws made of adhesive film.

Example ideas for the configurator

In our configurator you can upload motifs that you would like to have as adhesive foil. Especially for decorations this variant is very good. We have put together a list of ideas for you which you can design as a motif and then order from us in the configurator.


  • Leaves in brown tones - on the walls, chest of drawers or on lanterns, autumn motifs such as leaves look particularly chic.
  • Chestnuts - the small fruit stands for autumn, why don't you stick chestnuts on the bowl in which you collect your chestnuts and mark them with it?
  • Squirrels - the little animals are especially lively in autumn and collect nuts for hibernation, stick one of these animals on the wall behind your couch and integrate it into your home.


  • Snowflakes - they are the sign for winter, stick a few of them on your window so you have the snow with you even if it is still waiting for it
  • Snowman - you can only build a snowman outside? No way, the white fridge is perfect to make a snowman in winter. Create two big black circles, a triangular orange carrot nose, several smaller black circles and a scarf made of three different coloured wide lines. Depending on the size of your fridge, you may need more or less smaller circles and your scarf will need to be shorter
  • Fireplace - not everyone has the favor of a fireplace in their home. Often the possibility to build one is missing. With our deco foil you can design your dream fireplace and simply stick it to your desired location on the wall, looks chic and the maintenance for this fireplace is a lot cheaper than that of a real fireplace. So in every respect a super thing


  • Tulips with vase - these flowers stand for spring but in the vase they often wither quickly, so why not just a vase filled with tulips as a decorative foil on the wall. It's easy and these tulips are guaranteed to last the whole spring.
  • Lily of the valley - a different kind of flower but just as beautiful. Get these beautiful flowers in your four walls, simply order on adhesive film and then stick for example the lower edge of a chest of drawers with it.
  • Easter nest with bunnies - Easter always falls in the spring and what is better to decorate than a holiday, right nothing. Craft your personal Easter nest and stick it above a chest of drawers on the wall, it looks as if she is standing on the chest of drawers. The benefit -> this nest definitely won't make a mess, won't make you fat, and looks sugary cute


  • Beach and sea - Beach, sea and summer that just goes together. Even if you don't go on a summer holiday, you can still get that beach feeling at home. Either you take only parts of the beach like shells and stick them as foil on your furniture or you create a glass bowl in beach style. For this you stick blue foil in water optics into a bowl, fill it partly with sand and put shells into it and stick some more shells on the outside.
  • Colourful ice cream - ice cream is a must in summer, but since it melts so quickly it doesn't serve as a very good decoration. However, as an adhesive foil it is perfectly usable, for this ice cream waffles with balls arrange or different colored ice cream on the stick arrange and then in the kitchen distributed stick on. Or at a summer party as a decoration on the house wall, no matter where or how ice cream as a foil is always an eye-catcher.
  • Colorful garland - at almost every summer party you can find these little colorful garlands, they are beautiful and cheerful. However, you do not have to hang them only at a party, with Dekofolie you can bring the garland in each of your rooms, so you have the summer party feeling always there, no matter where you are

More examples from our Shop

If you want to decorate larger areas, you can use one of our decoration foils with different patterns. You can also find them in our shop. Here are some examples for you.

Bunte Handabdrücke Kinderzimmer Wandtattto

Colourful handprints


Ziegelmauer Industrial Wandtattoo

Brick wall


Blumenwiese Gänseblümchen Sommer Wandtattoo

Flower meadow


Zebra Tier Wandtattoo

Zebra Style