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New look for your furniture

Inherited an old chest of drawers or other old furniture from grandma and want to have you in a different look? With our adhesive films you can easily beautify.

Chests of drawers deserve a new coat of paintWho


not know it, the chest of drawers is already worn out and needs a new coat of paint but that does not really work? We have found the perfect solution - adhesive foil. You can easily order the foil in our shop

, if you want even with a pattern, special motifs or whatever you like. Afterwards you stick the foil very carefully on the chest of drawers and voilá the new piece of furniture is ready. Everyone will ask you where you got the new furniture and no one will believe that it is the same chest of drawers that has always been there.

image title 45

But so are


fronts of your furniture!

You don't like your kitchen anymore and think it needs a little paint. No problem, most cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be removed quickly and easily. Then unscrew the handle and you have a uniform surface on which you can easily stick your individual film

. Of course, you can decide yourself whether all fronts or only individual ones should be pasted. You can also easily decorate refrigerator or dishwasher doors. Here, however, you do not have to remove the doors.

image title 46


table can also be renewed from time to timeAnd



also very easy. No matter what material your table is made of. Whether dining table, writing table or living room table, you can stick our adhesive film on any table and it holds.

The practical thing about an adhesive foil on your table? Besides the individual design and the fact that it simply looks nice, the table with adhesive foil can also be cleaned quickly.

image title 47

It doesn'

t get much simpler

than that.

So go to our shop and see if you like a pattern. And if not, then design your own adhesive foil, upload it to our configuratorand then show all your friends your new jewel at home.