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Upgrade your trade fair stand with our products

Do you or your company regularly attend trade fairs and have always wanted to attract more potential customers to your stand? Then you now have the opportunity with our products for you.

Make it big with banners

Our PVC banners and mesh banners are large-area banners made of robust PVC material, which you can print in high resolution with text and images in large format. You will be the eye-catcher in every exhibition hall. Thanks to various mounting solutions, you can attach our banners almost anywhere quickly and easily. You can have your banner equipped with eyelets and hang it from the ceiling on strings or attach it to the crossbars of your exhibition stand. It is just as easy to take down again. The second possibility for fastening are hems, with which you can pull the banner like a banner on poles. The best thing about it: You can reuse it as often as you like! Provided that the banners are stored correctly. The robust material of the PVC banners makes them perfect for outdoor use and due to the low weight of the banners you can easily take them everywhere.
The mesh-like structure of our mesh banners makes them perfect for outdoor use, they also withstand strong wind and rain, so you can draw attention to you and your product even before the hall or at outdoor fairs.

Be mobile with Roll-Up Banners

With our roll-up banners you are always mobile, you can move them around and set them up almost anywhere. Thanks to their low weight you can easily transport them and when rolled up they hardly take up any space. You only have to pull up the banner and you have a nice possibility to advertise your stand or your company. They are perfect to carry the logo of your company or your slogan without being obtrusive. You can also reuse our roll-ups as often as you like.

Mark your area with floor stickers

Stand out from the crowd - with our floor stickers! With our floor stickers you can draw attention to your exhibition stand in a highly visible yet unobtrusive way. You can also easily and beautifully demarcate your area, or mark areas that may only be entered by you or your employees.
Mark such areas where your customers can get advice, or offer a seating area where you can display your advertising material and customers can take a breather.

Guide your customers to your stand

You can also use our floor stickers to guide potential customers to your stand! For example, you can stick arrows on the aisles in the hall to indicate the direction to your stand and arouse interest.
But you can also point out the next emergency exit or the next toilet.
Our floor stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be removed without leaving any residue. In the outdoor area the stickers last up to 3 days, in the indoor area, depending on the load, up to 3 months. Due to the special surface, our floor stickers are non-slip, even if they get wet. This ensures maximum safety for your customers.