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Assembly instruction: Perforated foil with digital print

Simply mount the perforated foil: The perforated foil is delivered ready for installation. There is no transfer tape on the film, please do not try to remove the glossy protective laminate of the perforated film under any circumstances, as it is decisive for the product's durability and quality. As the perforated film is perforated, it can only be dry bonded, otherwise the liquid will collect under the protective layer and cannot dry.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 1: Auspacken

1. unpacking

You will receive your foil rolled up, padded with bubble wrap in one package. Roll it out and lay it flat on a flat surface (longer storage is not recommended). Check the package contents for completeness, integrity and correctness.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 2: Vorbereiten

2. helpful tools

Helpful for assembly are e.g: cloth and rag, squeegee, painter's crepe, yardstick & cutter

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 3: Fläche reinigen

3. clean the surface

Clean the surface to be bonded carefully. The surface must be free of dust and grease. Isopropanol is usually suitable for degreasing.
Important! Test first on a non-visible area to see whether the surface can tolerate the agents!

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 4: Rückstände entfernen

4. remove residues

The surface must be free of any residues. Clear water is suitable for this, depending on the substrate. The substrate must be dry before gluing.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 5: Lochfolie positionieren

5. position the perforated foil

Apply the film first at the point where it is to be bonded later. Especially with larger foils, a helping person is recommended for the following gluing.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 6: Trägerpapier ablösen

6. remove the backing paper

Smooth the film thoroughly on a flat and clean surface. Then bend the edge of the backing paper sharply.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 7: Klebefolie feststreichen

7. fix the foil

Carefully apply the film to the desired surface, adjust it and fix it with masking tape as required.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 8: Kante ankleben

8. glue the edge

If the film is lying as desired, the adhesive edge must now be pressed on.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 9: Trägerfolie entfernen

9. remove the carrier foil

Remove any crepe tape that may no longer be needed and carefully remove the backing paper step by step at an acute angle to the rear. At the same time, carefully and step by step, press on the released foil.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 10: Lochfolie anrakeln

10. firmly squeegee perforated foil

Work the film well into edges and firmly stroke any bubbles that may be present outwards with the squeegee. Press the entire film firmly once again.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 11: Lochfolie zuschneiden

11. cut perforated foil to size

Now cut off the excess foil very carefully and with great feeling.
Important! It is essential to ensure that the surface to be stuck on and the substrate are not damaged under any circumstances.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 12: Reste entfernen

12. remove residues

Carefully and gradually remove the separated foil residues.

Montage Klebefolie Schritt 13: Fertig

13. ready

Ready! Have fun with your bubble wrap.

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