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Assembly Instructions

How to stick adhesive lettering / adhesive sheet with transfer foil correctly: To ensure that each letter does not have to be glued individually, a transfer foil holds all the letters and symbols together.

1. You get your foil rolled up, padded with air cushion foil in one   Package. Roll them out and lay them flat on a flat surface.

2. Sweep firmly across the surface to press all the letters again to the transfer foil. Repeat this also on the back. All letters stick now on the transfer foil.

3. Fix the foil in the correct position with a strip of adhesive tape (eg tesafilm, duck tape at the top edge.
You can check the position, for example with a meter scale.

4. Fold the entire foil upside down, leaving the designon the head stands. You now see the back of the slide (the paper).

5. Remove the paper at an acute angle. You are now freeing the glue side. (If the letters do not adhere to the translucent transfer foil, re-establish it.)

6. Fold the foil back down. Make sure that the adhesive foil does not stick accidentally. Keep them tight and lay flat on the surface.

7. Now apply presure from the top towards the bottom of the foil in a fermly and steady manner with a squeegee or a similar object. Repeat several times

8. Carefully (not too fast) remove the transparent transfer foil. Make sure that all letters are now separated from the transfer foil and adhere to the substrate.

9. Done! Check if all letters adhere well to the surface.


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