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Adhesive foil deep blue high performance (glossy)self-adhesive foil

SKU: 40805102-2
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From just one linear metre High-quality high-performance adhesive film Also holds with beading and over rivets

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Klebefolie Weiß High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Schwarz High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Goldgelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Dottergelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Strohgelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Sonnengelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Signalgelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Postgelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Maisgelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Gelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Verkehrsgelb High Performance (glänzend)Klebefolie Shellgelb High Performance (glänzend)

Product Description

Self-adhesive PVC film that clings to (almost) any surface. It is coloured throughout and can be applied to all dust-free surfaces. The glossy surface has a great feel and is suitable for furniture, doors, vehicles or shop windows.

Suitable for decorative purposes, shop windows, furniture, visual protection, vehicle lettering, etc.

This product also holds with beads and over rivets.

Tip: You can cut and divide the foil for your purposes.

Monochrome adhesive films are wonderfully suitable for sticking on furniture, tiles, doors, shop windows or vehicles (etc.). Our glossy adhesive foils are characterized by a strong adhesive power and can also be used for vehicle lettering, for example. They are easy to stick on, remove without residue and nestle against the surface.

For example, if you would like to give old furniture a new coat of paint, you can easily give all surfaces a new shine with an adhesive film. Whether matt or glossy, with adhesive films your piece of furniture immediately looks upgraded and painted like new.

All films can be applied by wet or dry bonding. After a short time the adhesive takes on its full force and sticks firmly to the surface. Despite the good adhesive power, the adhesive can be removed without leaving any residue.

Info: We send your adhesive foil rolled up in an insured package.
Unfortunately, metallic effects can only be displayed graphically to a limited extent.

Technical Specifications

Thickness0.060 mm (without protective paper and adhesive)
Water resistanceBonded to aluminium, after 100h/35° C no change
Dimensional Stability (FINAT TM 14)bonded to steel, max. 0.15 mm shrinkage
Tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 527)Longitudinal: > 19 MPa
transverse: > 19 MPa
Elongation at break (DIN EN ISO 527)Longitudinal: > 120%
transverse: > 120%
Bond strength (FINAT TM 1)18 N/25 mm
InstallationWet or dry
AdhesiveSolvent polyacrylate, permanent
Temperature resistanceBonded to aluminium, -50° C to +120° C, no change
Application temperature> +8° C
Service life by specialist applicationBlack / white: 8 years
Transparent / coloured: 7 years
Metallic: 5 years gold
L, brilliant blue L: 3 years
(With vertical outdoor weathering & central European normal climate)

*Applies to deliveries to Germany for standard shipping. For express delivery, a delivery time of 1-3 days within Germany applies. For delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date, see herewww.myfolie.com/en/p/versandarten/.

Assembly of adhesive films

The fixing of the adhesive sheets is actually very simple. Of course it takes a little patience and you have to work carefully, but basically installation is not a problem without prior knowledge and is possible for everyone. To make sure nothing can go wrong, we have included detailed instructions in our help section.

Caution: before each installation, the substrate to be glued must be dry and free of dust, grease or other impurities that may compromise the adhesive strength of the material. For freshly painted substrates, ensure that the paint is dry or completely hardened. Before cleaning, also make sure that your surface is not discoloured or attacked in any way by the cleaning agent of your choice.