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What are DPI and what do I need to know?

The resolution of a motif is measured in DPI and largely influences the quality of the print. DPI is a unit of pixel density per inch (dots per inch). Generally speaking, the more pixels per square centimeter your subject has, the better the print result will be. However, there are recommended minimum values depending on the distance that you should observe. With vector graphics there is no pixel density because vectors can be scaled to any size and recalculate the graphic.

If your motive is only available as a pixel graphic or photo, we have a few orientation values for you here:

Good resultVery good resultViewing distance
150 dpi200 dpibis 50cm
130 dpi150 dpibis 100cm
80 dpi100 dpibis 200cm
60 dpi70 dpiab 200cm

During our data check and technical inspection, we also check the embedded elements in PDF, EPS, AI and similar files where possible. So if an image in your design has a too low DPI, the total value may be lower than for other elements in the file.

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further assistance needed?

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