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What is the difference between digital printing and cutting plott?

The cutting plott (also called cutting plott or cutplott) is more a cutting of shapes than a printing technique. The desired shape is cut into the adhesive film using a digitally controlled knife. Any imaginable shape in (almost) any size is possible. The cutting plotter cuts through the adhesive foil with a knife as it passes over the adhesive foil without damaging the backing paper underneath. The cut motif is then weeded, i.e. freed from the superfluous, unneeded film that lies around the motif and provided with a transfer tape. The transfer tape is used for easy transfer and assembly of the cut shapes and letters to the desired position. After the transfer tape has been removed at the end, only the cut shapes or letters remain on the substrate.

The digital print is comparable to the printing of a conventional inkjet printer. The digital printer prints the motif with high resolution on a white adhesive foil. After printing, the adhesive film can be sealed with a wafer-thin laminate (matt or glossy). This protects the print from external influences such as UV radiation and weathering and is insensitive to scratches and damage.

After sealing, the adhesive film can be processed further and cut into shape, for example. The adhesive film can be produced with your motif as a rectangular sticker, with an outer contour around the motif or completely without background.

The adhesive foil is cut out rectangular.
You can simply remove the sticker (the adhesive foil) from the carrier foil and stick it on.

Outer contour:
Your motif will be punched out with a small distance along the outer contour of the form.
You can simply remove the sticker (the adhesive foil) from the carrier foil and stick it on.

Without background:
The motif is punched out exactly at the edge of the motif without a border or background.
The background is removed (weeded) and the motif is provided with a transfer foil. Also here you can simply remove the sticker (the adhesive foil) from the carrier foil and stick it on before you remove the transfer foil at the end. The transfer foil serves the simple and correct positioning of the individual elements of your motive e.g. letters.

Digital printing is also the first step for signs, magnetic foil and many other products. Usually the adhesive film is then laminated onto another material.

Info: We do not normally print your motif on a transparent film. Why? The colours do not appear so brilliant and opaque on transparent foils, but rather slightly transparent. Therefore simply choose the option "Without background" if you don't want a white base film and you want to stick your motif on your own.

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