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What is the difference between pixel and vector graphics?

Actually, the name says it all: A pixel graphic is a file consisting of individual pixels. With a vector file, the graphic is calculated from paths (vectors). A positive side effect of vector graphics is that they can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. With some production types we even need vector graphics so that we can cut along the paths and it comes to a clean cut.

Vektorgrafik und Pixelgrafik im Vergleich

Usually you can say: If you have chosen a production type where we should cut directly at your motive (e.g. "without background" or "outer contour") we need a vector graphic. If you do not have a vector graphic, we can create one for you for a fee, provided your graphic has a sufficiently high resolution (DPI). If a vector graphic is required, but you have only uploaded a pixel graphic, you will usually be informed of this in the order process. In case of doubt - e.g. if the resolution of your pixel graphic is bad or not sufficient to convert it into a vector graphic - an employee will contact you again.

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further assistance needed?

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