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What does "the size differs from the final format" mean?

If we find that your file does not match the size you ordered, we may notify you or ask you to confirm the size again.

But how can this happen?

A drawing area is defined in graphics programs (e.g. in Illustrator or InDesign). If you do not use it completely and leave parts of it "transparent", we will first calculate the specified drawing area as the motif size. If you order with the cut option "Without background" or "Outer contour", this will of course be cut away. The motif that we deliver to you would then differ from the size you ordered. To be on the safe side, we therefore check whether the drawing area fits the size indicated and offer you options should the value deviate too much. If it is only a small deviation (depending on the motive size but 1-2% per page) we produce the motive without further inquiry.

A further reason can be if your motive does not fit to the ordered size (e.g. your motive is square and you order it in the ratio 1:2). Since we do not want to compress or stretch your motif, we will also contact you here if it is not clearly visible.

When ordering, please make sure that your file corresponds to our data sheet for the corresponding production method.

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further assistance needed?
further assistance needed?

If you are still having troubles feel free to contact us through our contact form or chat (if an agent is available)

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