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What are the different types of (self-)adhesive films?

Adhesive films are available in a wide variety of colours, surfaces, transparency and adhesive properties. Depending on the application, a wide variety of film types are used. Basically, we differentiate here according to production type and appearance.

Plain adhesive foils

Einfarbige Klebefolien

Single-colour adhesive films are characterised by the fact that front and back (adhesive side) have the same colour. The adhesive foils consist of the same colour throughout and can be stuck on from the outside or mirrored behind glass without the colour differing. They are used to a large extent in the production of adhesive lettering, monochrome motifs or for sticking on signs, furniture or windows. The special feature of the production of adhesive lettering and motifs from single-colour adhesive foils is that there is no background. The lettering and motifs are cut out with a cutting plotter, cut out and can be applied with a transfer foil (holds the free individual parts together). A wide range of colours ensures that almost any colour tone can be reproduced or a good approximation can be found. Thereby, one can still distinguish between matt and glossy in case of unicoloured adhesive films. While matt films are often used in the interior or on furniture, glossy films are often used for car lettering or shop window lettering. Due to the uniform colouring, these films are very resistant and durable even outdoors in sunlight and weather.

Digitally printed adhesive foils

Klebefolien Digitaldruck

In digital printing, white  adhesive foils are used which are specially produced for printing. Using a digital printer (similar to the well-known inkjet printer), the motif, image or photo, as well as text or other design elements are printed on the adhesive film and then sealed with a matt or glossy laminate (protects against scratches, UV radiation and weathering). There are no limits to creativity due to available colours, as (almost) any colour can be printed. Our digitally printed adhesive foils are characterized by a great haptic, which we create with high-quality base material and make the assembly amazingly easy.

After printing the desired motif and sealing it with laminate, the printed material is cut into the appropriate shape. Simple, rectangular, round, oval etc. can be used. etc. shapes or outer contours can be punched. The motif can also be completely freed from the background. The motif is cut out (compare with the cutting plotter of single-colour adhesive foils), the excess foil is removed and the exempted motif is provided with a transfer foil. After application, only the motif remains. There is no transparent foil in the background.

Frosted glass films and adhesive films for special applications

Klebefolie Neon und Milchglas

Special adhesive films are available for special applications. Frosted glass films mimic the effect of an opaque, roughened glass surface and are ideal as visual protection. Other adhesive films with special properties are e.g. neon adhesive films, which have a special luminosity due to their fluorescent surface, or blackboard films, which can be easily written on with chalk.

Here you will find various adhesive labels on our site:

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