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On which surface can adhesive foil be mounted?

Before each installation, the substrate to be covered must be dry and free of dustgrease or other impurities that can impair the adhesive strength of the material. For newly painted substrates, please ensure that the paint is dry or completely cured. Before cleaning, also make sure that your substrate is not discoloured or otherwise attacked by the cleaning agent of your choice.

This applies especially to walls or vehicles and boats:

  • Smooth and even (no woodchip or other structure)
  • Dust-free
  • Grease-free
  • No loose elements (paint residues / paint residues / plaster)
  • No latex-based paint
  • Not freshly painted or varnished within 4 weeks.
  • Not low-energetic
  • Do not use solvents for cleaning, remove adhesive residue.

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further assistance needed?

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