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Magnetic foil for vehicles

Magnetic foil for vehicles
Order online. Simple and cheap.

  • Withstands up to 200 km/h on the vehicle
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Anytime often reusable
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Key facts about Magnetic Foil

Magnetic Sheet Reusable


Magnetic foils offer the advantage of multiple use. You can use the foil more often without damaging it.

Up to 200kmh

Up to 200 km / h

Magnetic signs up to a speed of 200 km/h on your car when handled according to the product.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Easy assembly and disassembly

Magnetic foil can be quickly and easily attached to the vehicle and easily removed when not in use.

Fast production and shipping

Fast Production and Shipping

Our slides will be produced within a few days and will be sent to you on request.

The Magnetic Foil: Designs and Applications

Magnetic foils are a special form of self-adhesive foils . While adhesive foils on the back are coated with adhesive, magnetic shields adhere to all metallic surfaces , It is suitable for home and commercial applications. For example, the film adheres perfectly to the refrigerator door, to whiteboards and presentation stands made of metal or as a magnetic film for cars on the body of vehicles. We offer you magnetic signs in numerous colors and finishes . Possible are matt or shiny surfaces. We deliver the film quickly and reliably, cut to length, in rolls or in the right size. Beautify your home and your car, use the film as a sophisticated advertising material! The foil can also be printed individually according to your ideas .

Interesting facts about magnetic foils

A short definition for those who are interested in magnetic foils: The foil is so named because it adheres to metal because of its nature. There are two types. The isotropic slide has moderate grip . This means that it adheres well, but is not suitable for attaching other items. Isotropic film is permanently elastic, flexible and permanently magnetic. The second variant is the anisotropic slide . This version is also flexible, permanently magnetic and permanently elastic. Adhesion is more pronounced than isotropic magnetic shields. An application example: You can cut out motifs from anisotropic film and use it to attach pieces of paper or similar light objects to a metallic surface. Both the isotropic and the anisotropic film are easy to apply and detach from the substrate without residue . You can cut the slides as desired with a craft knife or scissors. The Bonding Underlay must be thoroughly cleaned and dry, dust-free and free of grease . Then just press the foil, done! Some foils are writable and wipeable. Both types of foils are NOT suitable for holding magnets

How to configure and order your slide

The ordering process is simple and clear. You choose the type of foil, the size and possibly a tailor-made cut. If you would like to order a individual print , upload the file. Possible are various file formats. You can also set special details in the Configurator . Custom fonts, fonts, sizes and colors are also available. We offer a print preview and for a small additional charge a data check. We work quickly and reliably. You will find the expected delivery date during the payment process. We offer several convenient and secure payment options. Within Germany, we deliver your film from an order value of 100 euros free shipping. Take a look at and discover exactly the adhesive film for your needs!

Examples of magnetic foil on cars

Magnetic foil example motorcycle ahead
Magnetic foil example driving novice L
Magnetic foil example car race

Your design is a good example? Send us a photo

Private Use - Ideas and Inspiration

The refrigerator is certainly the most popular carrier for magnetic signs because of its metallic surface. With a color-matched or printed film, a completely new look is absorbed in the kitchen. Other large devices with a metal housing are also well suited for optical change with a magnetic film. Why does the washing machine or tumble dryer always have to be white? Foils are ideal for quick beautification , so color and flair come to the bathroom! And if you do not like the changed optics anymore, you simply exchange the foil. Metal containers with wheels and drawers provide storage space, fit under the desk or generally perform well in the home. However, most containers are practical but often boring. With colored magnetic foils you can create color effects as you wish! If you want to create your own living environment creatively, you can use it to create surprising effects. Surely you have many more applications! The Car Magnetic will turn your vehicle into a unique one-off . What companies and traders have long since discovered for themselves, you can apply as a private person as well. The self-adhesive magnetic signs for cars can be attached easily. The paint of the car will not be damaged .

Application for your company - advertising and impact included!

Proper advertising plays a vital role in your business success. Use your advertising media cleverly - Magnetic foils support you. For example, if you want to apply presentation stand with a metallic surface changing ad , the slides are very useful , With this you can make your customers aware of special offers and special offers. Labelable or printed magnetic films can be attached in no time and replaced if necessary.

Application for cars: always an exceptional eye-catcher and efficient advertising

With your company car , you'll get a lasting advertising impact with a magnetic film for cars. Whether it's in the parking lot, on the road or at the customer's, the car is perfect as a advertising medium . The magnetic signs for cars can be printed with your company name, your company logo and your contact details . You upload motifs and slogans as a file in the order process. The result is a car foil produced individually for your company. The magnetic film fits on the rear, on the doors and side surfaces or on the hood - so you make your company car for moving advertising. Ideal, by the way, if you want to attract other vehicle owners for your promotional purposes - from taxi drivers to private individuals, many drivers are willing to provide advertising space for a financial stake!

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Magnetic Film

Does the magnetic film stick to any surface?

Magnetic foil only adheres to substrates which are magnetic metals. Not all metals are magnetic. Only iron, cobalt and nickel are magnetic metals. However, as more and more aluminum is used to make vehicles, you should test whether they have magnetic surfaces. In case your car does not have a magnetic surface, we recommend our car foils. These can also be removed without residue.

What should I do if my car wrapping film is no longer adherent?

Magnetic foils always need a magnetic background to ensure the magnetic circuit. If you do not do this, the magnetic foil will be permanently discharged. They store well on refrigerators, freezers, iron doors and iron shelves - bad on wood and other non-metals. Therefore, we recommend a car magnet film for several hours to adhere to a magnetic surface in order to restore a magnetic circuit.

How do I store my car wrapping film correctly?

Cartridge films should always be stored flat. Kinking, curling or folding can affect the magnetic support. Should you nevertheless roll up a magnetic sheet once, make sure that the printed surface is always on the outside.

Up to what speed can I leave my car wrap attached to the car?

Automagnetic films adhere to your vehicle up to a speed of 200 km / h. At high speeds z. For example, driving on the highway from 130 km / h we recommend you to take the signs. (Due to the different material thicknesses of the vehicle panel, no generally valid speed limit can be mentioned for this.)

Can I drive into the car wash with a car magnet film?

No Before each wash cycle (manually or in a car wash) a car magnetic film has to be removed!

How do I clean the car magnet film?

The cleaning of the car wrapping film should only be done with water and depending on the temperature at least once a week, in midsummer every two days. Under no circumstances may the cleaning be carried out with solvents or liquids containing solvents. In particular, we recommend the weekly browning of the magnetic side of the magnetic film with an acid-free, neutral (pH7) wax or a wax emulsion that is widely available from specialist dealers for car body care.

What files can I use for a car wrap?

The better the quality of the source file for the slides, the more beautiful and high-quality the slides themselves will end up in the end. Therefore, it is worthwhile to create high-resolution graphics, motifs and fonts to achieve a particularly good end result.

For which applications is a magnetic film still suitable?

Magnetic foils can be used in addition to a use as a car magnetic signs for other labels. Magnetic foils are suitable for all magnetic substrates. Examples of applications of a magnetic foil:

  • Frequently changing warning and warning signs
  • Warehouse label
  • Advertising Signs
  • Demonstration Tools
  • Planning and Organizational Instruments
  • Industrial Fastening, Sealing, Locking and Locking Technology

Any questions? Our service team is looking forward to your message .

We look forward to your order and have fun with it our car magnets.
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