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Fair labeling
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Create your own adhesive foil for your next fair

Oft the organiser of a fair has very strict rules so that it is quite expensive to take part with an individual both. With adhesive foil, every both can be personal and professional. Starting with subscribed walls and dividing walls to foil on your counter with your logo. With adhesive foil, you can create quick and cheap a beautiful both. Of course, our foil can residue free removed and is unlimited applicable.

What you should consider when it comes to adhesive foil for fairs

  • Which areas are available?
  • Will the foil stick to the surface? (textile, etc.)
  • Is there a limit from by the organiser?
  • Whicht products, references, services would you like to present?
  • Do I have a high-quality file or motive of the adhesive foil?

What is special about the fair adhesive foil?

Mostly space is limited. So the adhesive foil should be planed well. A few layouts with sizes avoid spontaneous reorders or surprises. We recommend for matt adhesive foils. In this case, you don´t get reflection, and the adhesive foil looks like painted.

What kind of fair adhesive foils can I order?

It always depends on what you want to do. Adhesive foils can be stuck on walls, counter, bars, product stands or even floors. They look very classy on walls or product explanations. As those letters will be produced without background they look like printed as soon as they stick and it will be a great general view. Often the name of the company or the company's logo is shown huge. It´s also a good way to show your products, so everyone will know immediately see what your business is about. You can stick them very easily and after the fair they can be residue free removed.
If you have a small stand you can label the reception desk with relevant information and thus invite the customers to the stand. There are no limits to creativity. If you want to stand out from the competition, you can put great accents with adhesive foils and adhesive labels.

Colour, font and custom designs

Due to the large selection of colours and the wide range of fonts, there are no limits to your creativity. Just try different colours and fonts, combine them and create interesting captions. In addition to the fonts, you can order your own design, pictures and logos as an adhesive foil. For this, you need your design or logo as a high-resolution file for example, vector file, which you can upload in our online configurator. If desired, you can have your design printed on a rectangular foil or remove the background.

How can I apply the adhesive foil?

All our adhesive foils stick on smooth and dust free surfaces. For that, you should clean the surface before applying the foil on it. In this case, you avoid bends. Adhesive letters and cropped designs are covered with a transfer foil. These can be glued on the whole and pull off after the assembly. The individual components then remain on the surface and stick in place. (You do not have to stick individual letters).The adhesive sheets (Rectangular, round, etc.) come on a protective carrier paper which you can easily peel off. Then you can stick the sticker to the desired place and press. As a help, you can use a squeegee, a credit card or similar.

Create your own lettering or your design

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