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Sign lettering

Sign labelling
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Create your own sign labelling

Signs are the traditional medium for displaying addresses, signs, prohibition signs, notices, bids or hazards. They consist of a wide variety of materials and shapes. A cheap and fast method of a label to inscribe is the use of adhesive labels and adhesive sheets. Depending on the application in the outdoor or the indoor areas, signs for almost all branches of industry are an attractive medium for displaying the location or providing relevant information. With myfolie you can simply design the lettering for your sign yourself as adhesive letters or with your individual design/ logo.

What you should consider about a sign lettering:

  • Will the adhesive foil stick on the surface?
  • Should the sign be labeled on both sides?
  • Are there old labels that have to be covered?
  • What should my sign express?

What should I consider about sign lettering?

You should check if the surface is suitable. Afterwards, you have the freedom, and there are no boundaries for your creativity. It depends on the background, but adhesive foils can look very elegant.If you would like to present pictures, complex logos or products can be done sticking the adhesive foil on the desired surface.

What types of trade fair lettering are available?

It always depends on what you want to do. In general, all surfaces such as walls, reception desks, bars or counters, product columns or even floors can be labelled with stickers and adhesive films. Particularly noble act adhesive letters, for example on rear walls and as product descriptions. Since these fonts are produced without a background, they look like painted after applying them on and fit perfectly into the overall picture. Often the company name or the company logo is applied on a large surface. Furthermore, it is a good idea to use products and beautiful images directly as a picture on adhesive films for the presentation. These can be directly applied and removed after the trade fair.
Whoever has only a small stand can for example label the reception desk with relevant information and thus invite the customers to the stand. There are no limits to creativity. If you want to stand out from the competition on the right and left, you can put great accents with adhesive foils and adhesive labels.

Colours, fonts and your own motives

There are no boundaries if it is about colours and fonts. You should try different colours and different fonts, combine them and create labels you will get a lot of attentions. Next to adhesive letters you can also create your own motives, pictures or logos as adhesive foils. You just need a high-quality file (e.g. vector file) which you have to upload in the motive generator. If you want, we will produce it rectangular foil or we remove the background.

How can I stick the trade fair adhesive foil?

All our adhesive foils stick on smooth and dust free surfaces. For that, you should clean the surface before attaching the foil on it. In this case, you avoid bends.

Adhesive letters and designs without background are covered with a transfer foil. These can be glued on the whole and pull off after the assembly. The individual components then remain on the vehicle and stick in the right place. (You do not have to attach individual letters). Flat adhesive sheets (Rectangular, round, etc.) you get on a protective carrier paper which you can easily peel off. Then you can stick the flat sticker to the desired place and press. As a help, you can use a squeegee, a credit card or similar tool. >> Installation instructions for adhesive letters

Create your own adhesive lettering or your own motive online.

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