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Die cut stickers with your design

Die cut stickers with your design

High-quality vinyl stickers with protective coating for indoor and outdoor use, punched on the outer contour and with your motif.

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Die cut stickers adapt to the contour of your motif

Stickers are probably the best known product made of adhesive foil. You can get high-quality vinyl stickers from us - if desired with a protective coating for extra long durability. So you don't have to worry about your file, we'll customize your file so that it fits for production. You can read more about this below.
With our rectangular stickers you can easily print your club, company logo or funny saying.

Stickers are also only adhesive foils

Stickers or decals can be printed either on adhesive paper or on adhesive foil. Since we want to make especially high-quality and durable stickers for you, we use white adhesive foil and, if desired, with a protective coating. So your own stickers are suitable for almost every purpose and can even be applied to vehicles or notebooks without any problems.

How are the stickers produced?

You simply select your desired size, upload a file in sufficient quality and we will take care of the rest. For example, if you select 100mm x 50mm, we will adjust your file to fit the sticker.
This means: If your motif was actually created in a smaller format than 100mm x 50mm, we will enlarge your artwork or we will reduce your motif, for example if it was created to 200mm x 100mm. In doing so, we always keep the aspect ratio of your template so that your motif is never distorted. For example, if you uploaded a file of 200mm x 80mm, we would reduce your rectangular design to about 100mm x 40mm so that it will fit on the sticker in your chosen 100mm x 50mm format and keep your aspect ratio. Die cut stickers are always produced with a white border of about 3mm (your design + 3mm border = your chosen size). If you want a different colour instead of the white border - for example the background colour of your motif - we need a vector file and your desired colour. Please contact our customer service for this.
Your motif will always be positioned centrally and, if necessary, length x width will be exchanged (i.e. rotated by 90°) so that your motif fills the selected format optimally. If your uploaded format differs very much from the ratio, we will send you another e-mail before production. Alternatively, you can always book our professional data check in the checkout and we will contact you if your file is not suitable. During the professional data check, our graphic designers check the quality of your artwork, the format, the drawing area, the colour space, the colour values and the exact measurements.
Afterwards, your sticker goes to print: With our printer, we immortalize your motif on high-quality adhesive foil and then cover it with a protective coating if desired (this increases the durability and makes it more resistant to scratches). To get the stickers in shape we have our machinery cut them into your desired format.

Beispiel 100x100mm Sticker gestanzt Beispiel 100x75mm Sticker gestanzt

Stickers & decals in your desired size

We produce our stickers up to 30cm x 30cm. If you want a bigger sticker, then have a look at our adhesive foils with your own motif - there you can also order completely detached adhesive foils for vehicles and shop windows. If you order a sticker, we will adjust the size of your motif to fit your desired format. Especially if we have to reduce or enlarge your motif, it may happen that your motif does not fill the whole sticker and some parts (e.g. at the edge) remain white. But this is only possible if the aspect ratio does not match the selected format. Basically, we usually produce our die-cut stickers with a white border anyway, so that such an adjustment is not really noticeable.

Stickers want to stick!

The mounting of stickers is of course easy: 1) Removing 2) Attaching. The surface should be free of dust and dirt - this increases the adhesive power.


Delivered ready for assembly

Delivered ready for assembly

You can apply the foil immediately without further ado

Express & EU-wide shipping

Express & EU-wide shipping

You can decide for yourself how fast we ship your foil to all of Europe

In-House production

In-House production

We produce your order in our own production plant

Your individual Design

Your individual Design

Customize the color, size and design of your foil