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Customize your personal adhesive lettering

your individual text


dimensions of your vinyl

 = 10.00 cm

Calculated Height24.0 mm  = 2.40 cm

You can either set width or height and we’ll calculate the correct dimensions so your vinyl won’t be distorted. Please note: All values are Milimeters to give you an exact measurement.

type of vinyl


Customize text style and color

~RAL 9005 ~HKS 88
We’ve prepared more than 50 fonts for you, but you can also upload your own font. Please clarify the license rights beforehand.

Additional options

reverse cut

We are going to cut your lettering backwards so it can be read normally from outside the window. Some colors may look slightly different depending on your window.


Width100.0 mm = 10.00 cm
Height24.0 mm = 2.40 cm
Product TypeGlossy
Number Of Colors Used0
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Size of your vinyl (width x height):
100.0 mm x 24.0 mm = 10.00 cm x 2.40 cm

Please note the top and bottom of the letters. The dimensions refer to the complete film, not per line.

The most important facts about our adhesive lettering



Your letters will be delivered individually cut on a carrier foil at the right distance.

Schnelle Produktion und Versand

Fast production and shipping

Our adhesive labels are produced within a few days and sent to you quickly.

Hoher Werbeffekt

High advertising effect

On rear windows, buses, windows or doors adhesive writing is a super eye-catcher.

Einfache Montage

Simple assembly

Our adhesive lettering can be attached quickly and easily to vehicles, walls or other surfaces.

How are adhesive labels delivered?

The adhesive letters are cut from coloured foils with a cutting plotter, therefore have no background and are quickly applied to any smooth surface. They are often found on shop windows or vehicles. Due to the way it is produced, the lettering looks professional and is ideal for opening hours, domain stickers, addresses or advertising messages. Of course, the adhesive lettering can be applied not only on the outside but also on the inside: An individual wall tattoo with your own lettering gives your apartment the finishing touch.

Examples of adhesive lettering

Your adhesive writing is a good example? Send us a photo

Frequently asked questions about adhesive lettering & adhesive letters

Which surfaces are suitable for adhesive lettering?

Basically any smooth surface is suitable. However, you should make sure that no mechanical stress (e.g. windscreen wipers) or direct heat (radiators) is applied to the letters. Of course the foil is waterproof and the adhesive has no problem with rain. Therefore cars, shop windows, walls are ideal for our adhesive letters.

What do I have to consider before gluing?

You should make sure that the surface e.g. your vehicle is cleaned. It should be free of dust, dirt and grease. Here commercial cleaners help you super. Also shortly before sticking on you should make sure again that the same sticked on surface is free of dirt, since the sticker gets otherwise fast unattractive inclusions which you can remove afterwards only with difficulty.

Why is there a minimum size?

The letters are cut one by one and weeded by hand (This is what we call the process when unnecessary foil residues are removed). Although our cutting plotters work very accurately, we have experienced professionals weeding and we use branded foils, too thin fonts and small punctuation marks are unfortunately not producible - the adhesive strength is not sufficient and the fonts could tear. But don't worry, our configurator tells you if the size is still sufficient.

Can I drive into the car wash with an adhesive label?

Yes! Like other car stickers, our adhesive lettering is washable.

What are the colours of the adhesive foils?

We are constantly expanding our range of foils. A selection of glossy, matt and special colours such as neon or chrome can be found in the configurator. You can also combine colours, but only one colour per line. By the way: The foils are usually coloured through, so you have the same colour on the back as on the front.

Do you have any more questions? Our service team is looking forward to your message.

We are looking forward to your order and wish you a lot of fun with our adhesive writing.
You can also find a lot of information and hints about adhesive writing in our Blog.