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Gold metallic (glossy) adhesive vinyl

Art. Nr: 4046

€8.90 (14.13 € / m²)

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€8.90 (14.13 € / m²)

Gold metallic (glossy) adhesive vinyl

Art. Nr: 4046

Quick Overview

✓ Hochwertige PVC-Klebefolie
✓ Geeignet für viele Oberflächen
✓ Bereits ab 0,5m Lauflänge
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Einfarbige Klebefolien eignen sich wunderbar für die Beklebung von Möbeln, Fliesen, Türen, Schaufenster oder Fahrzeugen (etc.). Unsere Klebefolie zeichnet sich vorallem durch eine starke Haftkraft aus und kann z.B. auch in der Fahrzeugbeschriftung eingesetzt werden. Sie lassen sich einfach aufkleben, rückstandslos entfernen und schmiegen sich an den Untergrund an.
Die Selbstklebende PVC-Folie ist durchgefärbt (auch die Klebeseite ist farbig) und kann auf allen staubfreien Untergründen angebracht werden. Die Oberfläche hat eine tolle Haptik und ist z.B. für Möbel, Türen, Fahrzeuge oder Schaufenster bestens geeignet.
Wer z.B. gerne alten Möbeln einen neuen Anstrich verpassen möchten, kann allen Flächen noch viel einfacher mit einer Klebefolie neuen Glanz verleihen. Egal ob Matt, Glänzend, mit Muster, High Performance oder Premium: mit Klebefolien wirkt Dein Möbelstück sofort aufgewertet und wie neu lackiert.

Alle Folien können mittels Nass- oder Trockenverklebung angebracht werden. Schon nach kurzer Zeit nimmt der Kleber seine volle Kraft an und klebt fest auf der Oberfläche. Trotz der guten Haftkraft lässt sich der Kleber rückstandsfrei entfernen.

Info: Wir versenden Deine Klebefolie aufgerollt in einem versicherten Paket.

Verfügbare Größen:
  • Breite: 126cm
  • Lauflänge: 50cm bis 50 m
Tipp: Du kannst die Folie für Deine Zwecke zuschneiden und unterteilen.

Further information about adhesive foils (glossy)

Glossy adhesive foils looks high-quality and elegant. The glossy effect gives old surfaces new radiance. The large selection of different colours also contributes to the variety of possible uses.
Adhesive foil with a glossy surface is ideal for bonding to smooth surfaces such as cars, furniture, glass, doors, tiles or walls.

Note: Since the films are very thin, it is possible that colour and patterns may not be covered on every surface. If you are unsure, you can request a sample here.


Thickness 0,070 mm (Durchschnittswert, ohne Schutzpapier und Klebstoff)
Water resistance Seewasserbeständigkeit (DIN EN ISO 9227)
Verklebt auf Aluminium, nach 100h/35° C keine Veränderung
Fire resistance (DIN EN 13501-1) C-s1,d0 (schwer entflammbar, keine/kaum Rauchentwicklung, kein Abtropfen)
dimensional stability (FINAT TM 14) verklebt auf Stahl, kein messbarer Schrumpf in Querrichtung, in Laufrichtung max. 0,4 mm
Temperature resistance Verklebt auf Aluminium, -40° C bis +80° C, keine Veränderung (mitteleuropäisches Normalklima)
Service life by specialist application Schwarz / weiß: 5 Jahre
Farbig: 4 Jahre
(Bei vertikaler Außenbewitterung & mitteleuropäisches Normalklima)
tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 527) Längs: > 130%
Quer: > 150%
Certificates Allgemeine Bauartgenehmigung (ABG, D5292) nach § 22a StVZO
Application temperature > +8° C
elongation at break (DIN EN ISO 527) Längs: > 19 MPa
Quer: > 19 MPa
bond strength (FINAT TM 1) 18 N/25 mm (Durchschnittswert)
Adhesive Solvent Polyacrylat, permanent
Installation Nass oder Trocken

Production & Quality

We only use foils that meet the highest quality standards. Our single-colour adhesive films are coloured throughout, which means that not only the surface is printed in colour, but the foils is manufactured completely in one colour. This means that the film never loses its colour, even when exposed to a lot of sunlight. In addition, even small scratches on the foil are hardly recognizable, as no other color can shine through. The high-quality and soft PVC material from which our adhesive foils are produced also gives the foil high elasticity and resistance and at the same time ensures very good temperature resistance.
An excellent adhesive strength additionally underlines the highest quality of the processed material. The high-quality adhesive ensures that our adhesive foil adheres to almost all smooth, clean and dust-free surfaces. These quality features ensure that our adhesive film is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Please also refer to the technical data for this product.

Assembly of adhesive foils

Attaching adhesive foils is actually very easy. Of course you need a little patience and you have to work carefully, but basically the assembly without previous knowledge is no problem and possible for everyone. So that nothing can go wrong, we have stored a detailed assembly instruction for you in our help area.

Attention: Before each assembly the surface to be covered must be dry and free of dust, grease or other impurities, which can impair the adhesive strength of the material. For newly painted surfaces, please make sure that the paint is dry or completely cured. Before cleaning, also make sure that your substrate is not discoloured or otherwise attacked by the cleaning agent of your choice.

Material für Montage von Klebefolien
Paket fertig zum Versand


After your foil has left our production and has undergone a quality control, it is dispatched. There we make sure that your order arrives quickly and reliably. In order to ensure that your foil arrives undamaged, we have a wide range of packaging that is adapted to every size and shape. Your film is optimally protected in the packaging so that it does not get any kinks or other damage when it is on its way to you. Already during the order process you can see when your film is expected to arrive. As soon as the package is handed over to our shipping partner, you will receive a notification with a tracking code by e-mail so that you can track your order.

Express Service
If our standard shipping is not fast enough, we offer you an express service. Not only do we ship your parcel with our Premium Express shipping partner so that it reaches you as quickly as possible, but we also prioritize your order in production. The possible delivery date is also displayed in your shopping basket here.


Every product at, from the order to the final product, undergoes a production process that is optimised and regulated for the highest quality. In addition to high-quality machinery, which we regularly maintain to ensure error-free production, the entire production process is subject to continuous and strict quality control. In addition, regular training of our employees guarantees our usual high product quality. In this way, we ensure that only high-quality materials and products leave our premises via insured dispatch.

This commitment pays off and is appreciated by our customers. This is confirmed by the number of several thousand satisfied customers who have rated us as Very good in evaluation portals.

Trust us and our experience with foils.

customer satisfaction

Our goal is satisfied customers without exception. We process only the highest quality materials and monitor the entire production process from receipt of order to completion. If, despite all our efforts, the quality of your product has nevertheless suffered or does not meet your expectations, please contact our customer service directly.

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