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Black & Grey adhesive foil remnants approx. 5qmSelf-adhesive foil remnants

SKU: 501006
19.90  / piece
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delivery time: Standard 3-8 days*

mixture of black & gray foil residues Suitable for many surfaces Ideal for handicrafts

Product Description

Approx. five square meters of green mixed adhesive film remnants which we unfortunately cannot use for production reasons. The leftovers have dimensions up to 0,5mx0,5m and a value of about 100,00€. We will send you different foils from our assortment and make sure you get a colorful mixture. The foils are not cut straight but have no holes. (Very) Occasionally it can happen that your foils have creases or something similar, but this will disappear when you glue them together. Our colorful adhesive foils are also as a rest optimal for handicrafts and decorating. With the foil remainders you can e.g. make an old cupboard look nice or glue it on a suitcase.

*Applies to deliveries to Germany for standard shipping. For express delivery, a delivery time of 1-3 days within Germany applies. For delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date, see herewww.myfolie.com/en/p/versandarten/.