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self-adhesive back self-disinfecting non-toxic active substance

Product Description

Our anti-corona film has a special functional surface that reliably kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in a very short time. After 10 minutes, more than 90% of applied SARS- CoV-2 viruses and more than 95% of multi-resistant hospital germs S. Aureus are rendered harmless. This has been confirmed by a specialised independent testing institute.

Is therefore non-toxic to humans and does not require labelling. A test certificate according to DIN EN 71-3 (toy standard) regarding the migration behaviour of heavy metals is available. In addition, the perspiration and saliva fastness was tested (DIN 53160:2010).

Thanks to the self-adhesive back, the film can be easily applied to all kinds of surfaces and can be removed easily and without residue. For example, an entire operating theatre can be equipped within 2 hours and protected from germs for a long time.

Has a good transparency so that inscriptions remain visible through the film. This makes it possible to protect even highly frequented areas such as switches, panels or push buttons safely and reliably. The durability of the film is such that even handles of shopping trolleys do not peel off by themselves.

Is provided with a special imprint embedded in the film. Thus is guaranteed, that protected areas are always easy to recognise. It is also avoided that confusion with possibly ineffective adhesive foils occurs.

By using different adhesives it is possible to glue practically all surfaces, from the smooth glass surface to the carpet or upholstery.

Since "self-disinfecting", cleaning with water and a mild household detergent is sufficient.

The effect is based on materials that interact with electrical charges with the membranes of the germs induce. These active ingredients are firmly integrated into the polymer matrix of the film and are therefore permanently effective. Depending on the stress, however, a minimal wear of the film cannot be excluded.

To ensure the greatest possible safety and easy removal of the film, we recommend renewing the film at least every 30 days.

Due to the non-toxic active ingredient and the pure polyolefin film composition, disposal with household waste is possible without any problems and in compliance with official regulations.

*Applies to deliveries to Germany for standard shipping. For express delivery, a delivery time of 1-3 days within Germany applies. For delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date, see herewww.myfolie.com/en/p/versandarten/.