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What is rear glass bonding or mirrored production?

Bonding behind glass is particularly interesting if you want to affix a sticker in areas where the sticker could come off or be removed by mechanical action (e.g. windscreen wipers) or by third parties (e.g. passers-by at shop windows). The sticker is manufactured in such a way that the sticker can be applied from the inside, e.g. to a window, and can be read correctly from the outside.

Bonding behind glass for adhesive lettering and motifs as a monochrome cutting plot

With these types of production, the choice of gluing behind the glass corresponds to a normal reflection. Since the film is usually coloured through, the colour is identical on both sides, but may vary slightly due to the glass pane.

Hinterglasverklebung bei Schneideplott

Bonding behind glass for adhesive film with digital printing

With digital prints, the production process differs somewhat from normal production. Here the gluing of the glass behind does not correspond to a conventional mirroring, but a special production process is used. If a back glass bonding is chosen for digital printing, the printed side is also the adhesive side, so to speak. The reverse side - which is not visible from the outside - has the colour of the printed medium (usually white).

Hinterglasverklebung bei Digitaldruck Aufklebern

Don't forget! Therefore do not upload a mirrored artwork for gluing behind glass,otherwise the mirrored print motif will be mirrored again. 

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