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Is there a minimum size for fonts?

Yes, there is a minimum size for both pure cutting plotters and digital print production with the cut option "Without background".

If an optional sticker with writing elements is desired, the minimum line height of 15 mm - 30 mm (depending on the font) must be observed. This value must not be fallen short of, as otherwise production cannot be carried out by machine and a sufficient adhesive strength of the later film cannot be guaranteed.

In doing so, ascenders and descenders must be observed. Measurements are taken from the top to the bottom point.

Ober und Unterlänge bei Schriften

However, not every font can be produced, regardless of its height. Very fine fonts, fonts with extreme ascenders and descenders or very thin fonts can sometimes be a problem for our machines.

Here are a few examples:

Manche Schriftarten sind nicht produzierbar

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further assistance needed?
further assistance needed?

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