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Create your own boat lettering
(Boat names, boat license)

  • Create custom labels
  • Sticker with your own motive / image
  • Suitable for fresh water and salt water

Create your own boat lettering

Each boat needs a license plate and a name. The easiest way to do this is with adhesive foils. In our configurators you can e.g: order your plate just as foil lettering. Choose appropriate fonts, colours and the desired height of your boat license plate, your boat name or logo which you like to have on your boat. Our foils stay wonderful with salt water on the bow and defy the UV radiation without disengagement.

What should be considered in a boat lettering:

  • Where should the lettering be placed?
  • Do I have all the necessary information?
  • How much space do I have for license plates or boat name?
  • Are there any special fonts and colour preferences?

What is special about a boot lettering?

Basically, there are a few guidelines for boat license plates in case of lettering, which must be followed. The boat name can be chosen freely and be created customizated. Also the placement of the boat lettering up to the license plate is freely selectable and left entirely to your creativity.
As a general rule, the following general rules apply to license plates:

  • at least 10 cm high latin letters
  • Arabic numerals
  • Permanently in light colour on dark ground or
  • In dark colour on a light background
  • Outside on both bow or stern sides or on the transform stern

Colour, font and own motives

Due to the large selection of colours and the wide range of fonts, there are no limits to your creativity. Just try different colours and fonts, combine them and create interesting letterings. In addition to the lettering you can order your own motives, photos and logos as adhesive foil. For this, you need your motive or logo as a well-resolved file (for example, vector file) which you can upload in our Motiveconfigurator. If desired, you can have your motive printed on a rectangular foil or remove the background to receive an optional motive. (Blends perfectly with the overall picture)

How do I stick on the boat lettering?

All our adhesive foils stick on smooth and dust-free surfaces. You should thoroughly clean the surface and the corresponding surfaces of dirt and dust. This way you avoid unpleasant inclusions under the foil after sticking.

Adhesive lettering and motives without background are contiguous delivered on a transfer foil. These can be stuck on in a whole and pulled off after installation. The individual components then remain on the boat wall and stick in the right place. (You do not have to stick individual letters) Flat adhesive sheets (Rectangular, round, etc.) you get on a protective carrier paper which you can simply peel off. Then you can stick the flat sticker to the desired place and press them on. As a help, you can use here a squeegee, a credit card or similar.

Create your own adhesive lettering or your design

Many information and tips about boat labelling can you find in our Blog ➙

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