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furniture foil
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New look with furniture foil

With our furniture foils you can redesign your furniture. No matter whether IKEA table, old cabinet, scratched chair or old kitchen front, with adhesive foils, your furniture can appear fresh again. Simply stick a new foil over the old surface and create a completely new look. Your furniture will then look like new and will be also protected from scratches and contamination. You have the choice between many coloured or patterned, self-adhesive furniture foils.

Often you have looked at an old color and wished for a new surface for a favourite piece. The piece of furniture you like but you don't want to dispose and varnishing is expensive? Adhesive furniture foils are just the thing! You just cover the old surface and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily the piece of furniture is stuck. As a matter of fact, we have a classic single-coloured adhesive film in matte or glossy, plus a variety of patterns that leaves almost no wishes unfulfilled. Furniture foils can, of course, not only be used on furniture. All smooth surfaces can be covered and re-decorated.

Glossy, monochrome furniture foil

Einfarbige Möbelfolie mit glänzender Oberfläche

Matt, monochrome furniture foil

Einfarbige Möbelfolie mit glänzender Oberfläche

Furniture foil with pattern (matt or glossy)

Einfarbige Möbelfolie mit glänzender Oberfläche

Which furniture can be glued with adhesive foil?

It doesn´t matter if it´s a table, cupboard, kitchen, rack, drawer,...

... basically every surface can be improved with adhesive foil. The selfs-adhesive foil snuggles perfectly on the surface and looks like painted because of the thin foil. The benefit is, that you can remove the foil easly or replaced through a different furniture foil.

The trend of furniture hacking

In the last couple of years the trend of IKEA-hacking got popular. It means that original IKEA furniture will be decorated individually and rebuild to unique furniture. Most people use self-adhesive furniture foil, because they are easily sticked and adherse perfectly on smooth surface of wooden furniture.

Easy-care and protective

A great benefit for furniture foil is, that it is very easy to clean. You can easily wash away dirt with a wet cloth and the adhesive foil woun´t be damaged. The foil also protects the surface of scratches (like a car adhesive foil). And if the surface of the foil is scratched you can easily change the foil.

Adhesive foil for furniture cuted in the right size

The foil can be cuted with a scissor very easily in the right form. The foil for the surface can be cuted very exact so that the rest of the foil can be used again.

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