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How to stick adhesive foils / sticker correctly: Here you will learn how a flat rectangular adhesive foil can be easily installed.

1. You get your foil rolled up, padded with air cushion foil in one Package. Roll them out and lay them flat on a flat surface.

2. The adhesive foil is placed on a carrier paper. Sweep them smoothly to avoid bubbles or wrinkles.

3. Now loosen a piece of the adhesive foil from the carrier paper and fold the carrier paper slightly backwards.

4. Fix the adhesive foil on one side at the corners at the position you have previously set. Press a thin strip at the edge to allow the adhesive foil to adhere.

5. Now sweep over the adhesive foil from the top to the bottom as you pull the carrier paper farther and farther from the adhesive foil.

6. Continue with even pressing movements until the complete foil adheres to the substrate.

7.Check especially the edges and corners if the adhesive foil holds here.

8. Your adhesive foil should now stick evenly without bubbles on the surface. Small bubbles can easily be pierced with a needle.

9. Done!


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