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What is adhesive lettering?

Adhesive lettering or adhesive letters refers to stamped letter from an adhesive foil. The special feature is that, after sticking on, only the letters on the surface (e.g., vehicle, shop window or sign) remain behind, and no colored or transparent background is present on which the letters are printed.

The production is as following: A so-called cutting plotter cuts the letter (or your own custom design) with a millimeter-precision knife, into the colored adhesive foil. The colored adhesive film consists of a paper (protects the adhesive side) and the actual adhesive foil itself. While the knife cuts the writing (vectors), only the adhesive foil is severed. The paper is not cut.

Letters are weeded by hand.

After the cut, the excess foil around the font is removed (weeded). On the paper, only theadhesive letters (or your own custom design) remains.

Subsequently, the freestanding adhesive letters are provided with a transfer foil which holds all the letters together. The transfer foil allows the font to be transferred to any surface. After removing the transfer foil, only the adhesive letters remain on the substrate. (Letters stick more strongly than transfer foil).

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Adhesive lettering can be created in many different colors and fonts. No matter whether one - colored or multi - colored, the adhesive letters look very high quality on every surface. (Choose a matt or glossy surface)


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