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Shop window lettering

Customize shop window lettering

  • Create your own foil lettering
  • Sticker with own motive / image
  • Opening hours, offers & promotions

Use your shop window as an advertising space!

You can order your shop window lettering with adhesive letters, logos, and designs by Whoever walks by a shop in the pedestrian zones can hardly notice a window without adhesive films. They are used for logos, opening times, sale stickers or offers. Use your shop window to present your store business. This allows the potential clients to find information about your business quickly. A well-labeled shop window is eye-catching and attracts people in to visit your store.

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What should be considered when it comes to shop windows lettering:

  • What information should be in the shop window?
  • What kind of shop window labeling would I like? (Inscription, pictures, logos, ...)
  • How much space do I have and where should the label be placed?
  • Are there special fonts and color presets?
  • Do I want to put the shop window labeling on the inside or outside?
  • Do I want a matte or a glossy film surface?

What you should consider when it comes to window lettering?

There are no limits to your creativity. A determining element is that the logo of the store / the name of the company can be displayed in a visible place. This allows passers to memorise your store better. Depending on the type and offer you should consider what things are written on the shop window. Essential things are opening hours, owners and the logo. What does your store/business offer? Write the relevant products, services or offer clearly and legibly in the right place. The one who informs better what the store offers has greater chances that people would like to look at the store/business also from inside. Be inspired by other inscriptions, often there are great examples near your business.

You know what content is coming on the shop window? Then you can now set the appropriate sizes. As a tip: Always make sure that the fonts are still readable from a distance, you also reach the customers on the other side of the road. The exact size of the adhesive films and stickers can be easily adjusted in our configurators (foil letters or a own design). Measure the maximum space on your shop window and enter the desired size into our configurators (the equal width or height to your input is determined automatically). Consider, for example; seasonal labels want to present the matching season offer. In doing so, you should ensure that you do not cover too much surface if you do not want to hide the window decoration behind the window pane. If you would like to have the inscription on a screen protector, e.g. Milk glass as a high possibility to create a velvety matte surface which you can also wreath with fonts and logos. It is important that you measure the surfaces well, so you avoid surprises when a text or design does not fit into the window.

It should also be clarified whether the inscription is placed inside or outside. In the case of a rear glass attachment, the foil is fully protected against weather and vandalism. It should be noted that depending on the thickness of the glass pane, the colour and luminosity of the foil can be reduced. As a recommendation: If you want rich colours, apply it from the outside. If you are looking for longevity and protected films, it is best to stick the adhesive film behind the glass (mirrored).

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